5 Corporate Gift Ideas That You Could Send Your WFH Employees

COVID-19 is changing the way we do business, from transforming our buying decisions to shifting where we work every day. Many companies are instituting mandatory work from home policies during the pandemic, and this abrupt corporate change can be isolating and jarring for employees accustomed to coming into an office every day.


Now more than ever, it’s essential to understand the nuances behind engaging these newly-virtual teams. Keeping your employees engaged and happy in the midst of COVID-19 is essential to continuing to further your business and get results, even when companies are struggling. Check out some of these budget corporate gift ideas in Singapore and see if they might help ramp up your remote workers’ productivity.


1. Notebook

A big part of overseeing remote employees is trusting they’ll be able to do what they need to do without having someone looking over their shoulder at all times. This is where notebook corporate gifts can come in handy. These notebooks will allow your remote workers to create a personalised system that works for them and that they’ll be sure to stick to. Once they’ve filled out pages in their notebook, your remote workers can then take pictures of the pages with their mobile devices and upload the files to their workspace account.

2. Scratch map

Your remote employees have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Too often, though, they end up staying cooped up in their home office day in, day out. Eventually, this can lead to monotony, boredom, and complacency. And a lack of productivity. This unique corporate gift offers a reminder to remote workers that they don’t have to stay in one place to get their work done, they can travel (when all of this is over) and work at the same time. Exploring new areas of the globe will keep them invigorated and excited, allowing them to approach their work-related duties with a fresh perspective.

3. Tote bags

These waterproof totes can fold down to a fraction of their size to fit even in your back pocket and can be customised to let your employees flaunt where they work. Talk about branding! As eco-friendly practices become more than a passing trend, tote bags can also help your employees who have to run errands and buy supplies during this lockdown.

4. Hand sanitizer

During this pandemic, hand sanitisers are indeed important to everyone. So, these affordable corporate gifts, these adorable mini hand sanitizers, which have a twist-lock mechanism and contain more than 500 sprays each, are a desk drawer must-have. They combine non-irritating cleansers with natural essential oils like bergamot and spearmint to deliver a soothing, hydrating experience.

5. Tumblers

Whether your employees are sipping on a hot or cold drink, stainless steel, double-wall insulated tumbler gift never fails to keep your beverage at the optimal temperature. Employees can keep them on their desk or bring them along to the trails on their days off, when they would want to do some stretches or a jog.

Appreciating your remote staff’s effort goes far

For managers, the ability to work with professionals from anywhere in the world is a blessing. However, it can also be hard sometimes to feel connected, remember to thank your team, and demonstrate how much you care. Send your remote employees a productivity-boosting corporate gift every once in a while to remind them how much you mean to the company. Not only will it raise their spirits, but it’ll also motivate them to keep putting their best effort into all they do for you.